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Project Coordinator (PC) for Anakot Kumar

(This job application was closed on 16 January 2017)
Categories : Agriculture, Rural development
Schedule : Full time job
Sex : Male, Female
Language : English
Location : Pursat
Hiring : 1
Closing Date : 16 January 2017
Salary : $700 - $772
Experience : Yes
For : Cambodian Only
Job Description

Anakot Kumar (AK) is a Cambodia non-governmental organization based in Kravanh District, Pursat Province. Currently, AK is working in partnership with HEKS, Pact, and Australian Catholic Relief/Caritas Australia (ACR/CA) on Community-based livelihood project to enhance livelihoods of the rural poor through community empowerment and resilience building to disasters and Local Good Governance for Promoting Citizen Engagement in Democratic Development (PROCEED) Pursat province within sub-national councilors and grassroots CBOs to actively engage with each other and increase good governance practices and increase accountable and responsive councils. From 2017 to 2019, under financial support from HEKS-EPER (Swiss Church Aid), AK will implement the project entitled “Community-Based Livelihood Improvement Project in Phnom Kravanh district, Pursat province”.

AK is seeking the qualified Cambodian applicants for three positions the following positions.

  • Project Coordinator (PC)
Job Responsibilities & Duties
  • Overall project management and implementation.
  • Overall project guidance and project monitoring by coordinating with project staff
  • Provide support to project staff on project management and implementation
  • Provide capacity building to target groups on community development, DRR, HRBA, safety net.
  • Coordinate for project planning and budgeting
  • Develop reports for quarter, semi- and annual
  • Facilitate and build capacity VDMG, CCDM, DCDM to develop DRR and contingency plans, and integrate into CIP/VDP.
  • Facilitate and build capacity CBO as required by project.
  • Responsible for AK/in charge of the topic: M&E including PCM/HKI, DRR/CCA, and Safety nets
  • Prepare the workshop report and minutes for submission to the project manager
  • Support the organization of events and workshops both at the district and provincial levels, as required
  • To ensure the project implementation is achieved as project goal and objectives.
  • Participate with AK team to ensure organization development is achieved as organization strategies goal and objectives
  • Maintain relationships with local authorities, line departments and others development partners
  • Participate with management team for project design and fund raising
  • Assist MP and ED on other AK work
Job Requirements
  • Cambodian national
  • Bachelor degrees in rural development and/or agriculture or other equivalence
  • At least 2- year experiences with NGOs with level of supervisor, project management
  • At least 3- year experiences on Community Development Concept, DRR/CCA, HRBA, safety net, and value chain
  • knowledge/skills and experiences of livelihood improvement (on farm and off-farm)
  • Ability and willing to work with community people, local authorities, and other stakeholders
  • Computer literacy in Ms. Office;
  • Ability to write clear project reports with specific output and outcome in English.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills; demonstration of good teamwork
  • Demonstration of high self-motivation, honesty and integrity, transparency, accountability, flexibility, willingness to learn from others, and able to work under the pressure
  • Willingness to travel and stay in project areas
  • Be able to work independently
  • English proficiency
How to Apply?

Interested candidates are invited to submit CV and cover letter to AK office or by e-mail by using the information in the contact details. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. Women are strongly encouraged to apply. For more information, please contact us via phones.

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Company (Opening jobs)
Company : Anakot Kumar
Email :
Mobile : 012 583 862 (Mobile)
092 989 226 (Mobile)
Address : Group 14 Leach village, Leach Commune, Kravanh District, Pursat
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