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Cambodia Operations Assistant for Agape International Missions

(This job application was closed on 21 January 2018)
For : Cambodian Only
Categories : Assistant, Business Administration, Social Work
Schedule : Full time job
Sex : Male, Female
Language : Khmer, English
Location : Phnom Penh
Hiring : 1 Position
Closing Date : 21 January 2018
Salary : Negotiable
Experience : Yes
Job Description

JOB PURPOSE: To assist the Director of Operations in the management of AIM’s operations in Cambodia, in particular with regards to AIM staff policies and procedures, human resources and program management.

Job Responsibilities & Duties

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (i.e. those which are basic, necessary, and an integral part of the job, are indicated below.)

  • Have knowledge of, or is willing to learn about trauma, including but not limited to; symptoms, linked behaviors, healing, secondary trauma and prevention
  • Provide day-to-day oversight and direction of operations and direct reports. 
  • Develop and maintain policy and procedures that adhere to government regulations and AIM’s Mission, Vision, Values and Statement of Faith.
  • Assist with record keeping and maintaining employee records for all AIM staff
  • Assist in reviewing applications, coordinating and conducting initial interviews for potential new staff for AIM
  • Assist in creating and maintaining holiday and payroll, calendars for all AIM programs
  • Assist in the creation of the AIM Internal Report each month
  • Be able to work with other organizations, partners, and government entities on behalf of AIM as necessary.
  • Translation: English and Khmer for written documents and meetings
  • Other duties as assigned 

ESSENTIAL BELIEFS AND VALUES: (i.e. our employees align with the faith and foundation of the organization including the items listed bellow) 

  • Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and is a consistent witness of Jesus Christ. Regularly attend church and pray.
  • Exhibit and model humility, emotional maturity, patience, love, acceptance, encouragement and genuine empathy
  • Seek staff unity, reconciliation and restoration
  • Speak of Agape International Missions, our staff, our partners, participants in our programs, and other organizations with respect and honor across all communication platforms, faithfully praying for each
  • Act as an Advocate for AIM and each individual AIM serves, understanding the problem, raising awareness of the need and how everyone can respond
  • Adhere to AIM’s Mission, Vision, Values and Statement of Faith.
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Self-sufficiency to maintain spiritual, physical and emotional health while consistently working toward the vision of AIM as a whole and the department in particular
Job Requirements

Key Relationships
Program director: Director of Operations 
Reports to: Director of Operations 
Direct Report: N/A

Education and Experience

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree or related experience
  • Experience: Experience working with an NGO, working in government and business relations in Cambodia a plus, transition experience a plus

Other Requirements: 

  • Valid Khmer Driver’s license
  • Must be Christian 
  • No criminal record
  • Active member of a local Christian church 
  • Pastor’s reference

Skills and Abilities
Specific and General skills and abilities required to meet the expectations of the position.

  • Fluent in Khmer: written and spoken
  • A good command of English; written and spoken
  • Strong computer skills, particularly with Microsoft Office, Excel, email and the Internet
  • Understanding and familiarity with Cambodian law and customs
  • Work well in a team
  • Ability to solve problems and think critically
  • Manage time and prioritize tasks efficiently
  • Organized and able to manage information
  • Ability to create and edit databases 
Job Employment Terms/Benefits

Work Conditions
Probationary Period : 90 Days, see AIM staff Manual for details
Eligible for Overtime Pay : Yes (Prior approval from Supervisor is required)
Work Schedule : Monday-Friday (40 hour maximum per week, employees’ specific hours may vary weekly)
Job Performance Appraisals and Reviews : All employees will receive a 90-day review at the end of the probationary period. There will be an annual review thereafter. 
Increases in salary : Raises and promotions will be at the discretion of the employer
Holidays : See AIM Staff Manual for details
Paid Annual Leave : 120 hours per year
Medical and Dental Benefits : See AIM Staff Manual for details
Additional Benefits : $ 15 per month for phone card, $ 50 per month for training related to position, Healthcare benefit 

Required Notice by the Employee:
The employee can choose to terminate his or her employment with Agape International Missions at any point during the probationary period. After the 3-month Probationary Period has completed, employees must give AIM written notice of resignation. The length of continuous employment at AIM, determines the notice period:

  • 3-6 months of service: 7 days notice
  • 6 months to 2 years of service: 15 days notice
  • 2 years to 5 years of service: 1 month notice
  • 5 years to 10 years of service: 2 months notice
  • More than 10 years of service: 3 months notice

It is also required that the employee agrees to return to Agape International Missions all property records, keys and intangibles belonging to the organization in a timely manner. See AIM Staff Manual for details. 

Termination of Employment: Agape International Missions reserves the right to terminate your employment based upon ongoing duties performed below the expected level, gross neglect of duty or the failure to perform duties as outlined in this job description. Agape International Missions also reserves the right to immediately terminate your employment in situations where there is “just cause.” Upon termination of your employment, you agree to return to Agape International Missions all property, records, keys and intangibles belonging to the organization in a timely manner. See AIM Staff Manual for details.

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Company (Opening jobs)

Agape International Missions (AIM) was founded on the ground in Cambodia in 1988 as a humanitarian aid and church planting organization. Since 2005, our ministries have focused on ending the evil of child sexual slavery.

AIM takes a holistic approach to fighting trafficking, restoring victims and transforming communities, in order to defeat trafficking. Our projects Prevent, Rescue, Restore and Reintegrate. AIM is guided by a distinct philosophy that God anointed the Church through the power of Jesus Christ to overcome evil.

AIM has a US Headquarters in California with administrative staff and local, in-country staff for our programs.

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