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Senior Officer, Audit for SATHAPANA Bank Plc.

(This job application was closed on 11th November 2019)
For : Cambodian Only
Categories : Accounting, Admin / Supervisory
Schedule : Full time job
Sex : Male, Female
Language : Khmer, English
Location : Phnom Penh
Hiring : 2 Positions
Closing Date : 11th November 2019
Salary :
Experience : Minimum 3 years
Degree : Bachelor
Job Description

We are looking for qualified candidate to fill for the positions below.

  • Senior Officer, Audit (2 Positions)
Job Responsibilities & Duties
  • Make a neat monthly action plan to ensure the operational audit achievement, efficient performance objectives and quarterly operational audit unit plans
  • Execute the preliminary audit analyses and prepare audit program for audit mission and entities in identifying the risks per macro-process to assure the concerned risks and audit activities meet the scope and objectives
  • Implement audit program by entities make sure the cost effectiveness of audit mission, internal control and implementation are properly identified
  • Review and monitor the internal audits’ outcomes performed by auditors to ensure the neatly audit identification of root causes, implications and recommendations, and to collect sufficient and appropriate audit evidence to rate the quality of internal controls for those macro processes
  • Prepare debriefing audit outcomes and participate in drafting the internal audit report to heads of audit insure that the information of detailed audit findings and issues
  • Provide trainings and coaching to both new and existing operational auditors to fully comply with audit procedures and programs
  • Participate in providing performance appraisal to operational auditors under supervision based on annual targets set by unit manager to define the improvement points and actual performances
  • Supervise the team’s execution of the audit program for the assigned audit mission by selecting the right transactions, clients and other documents by macro process to ensure the audit mission is cost effective and the design and implementation of internal controls are clearly identified and confirmed
  • Conduct audit testing at branch level on key complex operations and financial transactions, such as reports, analyses and documents, to evaluate the design and implementation of internal controls
Job Requirements


  • Bachelor of Business Administration and certificates of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Certified Public Accountant are preferable

Skills and Experience

  • At least 3 years in auditing or related field
  • Auditing, accounting, operations, internal control, and compliance checking
How to Apply?

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit the updated CVs to email provided in the contact detail.

For more information, please contact us at phone number or go to our website.

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