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Anesthetist for Angkor Hospital for Children

For : Cambodian Only
Categories : Health/Medical
Schedule : Full time job
Sex : Male, Female
Language : Khmer, English
Location : Siem Reap
Hiring : 2 Positions
Closing Date : 07th June 2023
Salary :
Experience : Yes
Degree : Bachelor
Job Description

We are looking for qualified candidate to fill for the position below.

  • Anesthetist (2 Positions)
Job Responsibilities & Duties

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Be on duty from 0700 – 1700. If on call he/she works from 7am until the next morning.
  • Be responsible for the anesthetic equipment and drug preparation.
  • Be responsible and in charge of the anesthetic administered.
  • Request assistance as needed.
  • Be responsible for patient transport, the anesthesia record, and reporting to the recovery room, ICU, IPD, Neo, anesthetist, patient/family education including explaining the procedure and make sure consent form (anesthetist and surgeon) has completed before procedure.
  • Clean the used equipment from the day’s procedures and re-supply the operating theatre anesthesia tables.
  • Participate in general medical staff meeting monthly regularly.
  • Check pre-op checking lists all patient and discuss with surgeons if there’s any case has a problem or difficult case before starting anesthetize.
  • Learning from college and volunteers

Acting as Secondary Anesthetist:

  • Act as an assistant to the primary anesthetist.
  • Gather the reusable equipment from the sterilization room.
  • Setup and start the preoperative video education program (TV).
  • Interview patients and record preoperative information from the scheduled patients.
  • Assist the primary anesthetist with anesthesia inductions.
  • Be on-call as needed by the primary anesthetist.
  • Be available to relieve the primary anesthetist for needed breaks.

Be on call in the Emergency room for:

  • ketamine use and sedation for procedures and dressing changes as needed,
  • Assistance with airway needs.
  • Complete post-anesthesia visits in the IPD, ACU and the LAU.
  • Be on rotation anesthetist in OT, Minor, Eye and dental clinic as assigned by unit manager.
  • Accompany patient to do CT scan as assign by unit manager.
  • Order and stock supplies.
  • Change oxygen tanks as needed.

Acting as Third Anesthetist Responsibilities:

  • Be on duty from 0700 until the last patient is discharged from the recovery room.
  • Maintain the recovery room cleanliness and stock supplies.
  • Receive full patient reports from the primary anesthetist.
  • Manage pain in post-op patients.
  • Ensure discharge criteria are met before sending patients to the ER, ICU, Neo or IPD.

Educational Responsibilities:

  • Keep track of interesting and difficult anesthetic procedures by:
  • maintaining a log of difficult and interesting anesthetic procedures,
  • Presenting interesting case reviews to colleagues on a regular basis.
  • Participate in the Trained Nurse Anesthetist affiliation program.
  • See Program Description available from Surgical Department
  • Participate in learning and teaching/microteaching
  • Assist teaching in the unit
  • Record all teaching in the unit
  • Provide teaching as request by Education department
How to Apply?

Interested candidates are requested to fill in and submit an Application for Employment (available at HR Department or download from the link along with Curriculum Vitae, Cover letter and eligible Certificates of degree to Angkor Hospital for Children or via email provided in the contact details. Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview and submitted applications will not be returned. “Applicants who do not complete an AHC application form will not be considered”.


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Organization Information (Opening jobs)
Organization : Angkor Hospital for Children
Email :
Tel : 063 963 409
017 727 262
069 818 773
092 976 687
078 498 788
Address : Siemreap Address - PO Box 50, Siem Reap, Tep Vong Road & Umchhay Street, Svay Dankum Sangkat, Siem Reap Municipality, Siemreap Province, Cambodia
Website :

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