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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is the fee of posting job announcement in

A : You can check our fee at Posting Fee

Q : How to post job announcement in

A : Now, only Khmer Online Jobs team can post job announcemnt in our website. If you would like to post your job announcement, please send us the following information, Khmer Online Jobs team will help you post the job announcement.

  • Position Title
  • Number of Hiring
  • Closing Date
  • Job Description
  • Job Resposibilities and Duties
  • Job Requirements
  • Benefit to employee
  • How to apply?
  • Company information
    • Company name
    • Email
    • Tel
    • Fax
    • Address
    • Website

Please send email to

Document type : Word document (Do not send image)

If you would like to post job announcement in Khmer language, please send us document using Khmer unicode.

Q : Does Khmer Online Jobs support Khmer language?

A : Our website supports both Khmer and English language.

While we offer 2 languages, English is still the most prefer language in posting job announcement. We would like to encourage Organizations, company, individual and any government agencies to post job announcement Khmer language.

Q : Why do Khmer Online Jobs ask for CV when job seeker contact us?

A : We need to know your academic background and working experience to match the job requirment. Then we can send you recommend jobs based on your the qualification stated in your CV.

Q : Will Khmer Online Jobs sell my CV to third party?

A : No, we won't. But we do have our Job agency partners, we will ask you for permission to pass to them. You can choose to say "NO", then we will only send you recommend jobs. We takes user's privacy seriously. We assure you that your CV is in good hand. 

Q : I find Khmer Online Jobs is helpful in finding my dream job. How can I help Khmer Online Jobs?

A : You can help us

  • by clicking like on our facebook page
  • share job announcements posted in our Khmer Online Job website
  • mention that you have seen the job announcement from Khmer Online Jobs website in your Cover Letter
  • recommend Khmer Online Jobs to your friends, co-worker or family.

Q : I find Khmer Online Jobs is useful, but is it possible to add this x feature?

A : Yes, of course. Please send us an email of what feature you would like to have in our website. Click here

Q : We got inquiry once in a while from Foreigners who wish to come and work in Cambodia about salary currency being displayed in our website. Is it US Dollar?

A : Yes, it is. US Dollar is normally used here in Cambodia for salary and for many many other things.


Looking for Job in Cambodia

Full time jobs and part time jobs are added through daily.

You can search for jobs by fields (such as marketing, accounting, computer programming, computer design and many other fields) or by cities or provinces (such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, and all other cities/provinces in Cambodia).

@Job seekers : Job opportunity comes and goes, if you don't want to slip it, stay tuned to get Job update